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Corporate Team Building

Enjoy Axe Throwing? What about Escape Rooms, 

Go Karting, Luge or Trapeze? Well what if we told you

you can do all these things in 1 day? Our Ultimate Race

is the most popular team building event we do and the

best part is that it is completely customizable!


The Ultimate Race is a perfect mixture of mental team

building skills which include working together to solve

clues and fun physical activites. However if your not

interested in a race event we can do any team building

activity you can think of. Just give us a call or email

and we will provide a a quote at no charge. 

What better way to get your staff working together but also have an Amazing Time? No wait make that an "ULTIMATE TIME"

Previous Custom Events includes custom Ultimate Race events for Tundra Oil & Gas, Secure Energy, Boomer & Warrener's X-Cellent Adventure & Harding Services Christmas Party. Click HERE to contact us today for your free quote!

Boomer + Warrners X-Cellent Adventure
Hardings Services
Christmas Party